About working at human scale

About Us

We tailor crafted environments for boutique brands and their discerning customers.

We believe that the combination of honest materials and a concept driven design process is the best way to elevate spatial experiences.

Our Formula

A considered response to existing conditions +

Experimentation and prototyping during the design phase +

The love of spreadsheets, process optimisation and project management +

Computer aided manufacturing with a pinch of traditional hand skills for the tricky bits

About You

A decision maker who trusts experts and considers their advice.

Are part of a brand that values quality over quantity.

Respects tradition but is always challenging the status quo.

Chris Tomoya James

Master of Architecture
Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)
Registered Building Practitioner

My background is in architecture and the exhibition industry with strengths in concept design, detailing and project management.

My practice involves a hands-on approach with the exploration of ideas through physical prototyping and experimentation.

I like to work at human scale: for me the sweet spot has always been somewhere between 5 - 50 sqm.